To date, I have a few videos under my belt so far, mostly just for fun & to give you an idea of my drawing process. By watching my replays I've been able to learn a lot about the way I work & improve my skills, as mentioned I try to record most of my digital work, this year I'll be recording & time lapsing some of my traditional works too. Needless to say there are still plenty edits to come and hopefully I'll be able to share some more with you soon.




Don't forget, this also means you'll be able to request a video when you commission your portrait or caricature. 










 Ruth Zombie




 Ed Sheeran





Barack Obama





Willie Nelson 





 Bob Dylan





 Joe Cocker





 Kurt Cobain





Keith Richards 





Thom Yorke  





Bob Marley 





Johnny Cash





Cliff Williams





Simon Wright 





Lou Reed





Portrait of Gene





Ford Hot Rod Caricature




Elvis Presley... 





The Doors...





Jim Morrison... 





Pablo Smokin'.. 





Caricature sketch of Paulie Daily...





The Gorillas...





Lou Ferrigno-Incredible Hulk.





Cameron Diaz.