Mayday, Mayday... Stinger alert!


Well here we are again with another update for May... and as promised earlier this year, the release of top German rock band Stingers' new album featuring the artwork of yours truly on the cover. This being the 3rd time I've done some cover artwork for the band which makes it even more special in more ways than one. Firstly the continued success of the band, secondly the fact that they've commissioned my work successively which means, thirdly... there's some cool continuity with the artwork and the development of their Mosquito character.


The mascot character was first introduced on the Mosquito EP, originally based on AC/DC's Fly on the Wall in 2017... but instead a mosquito rather than a fly. Last year he appeared again on the cover for the 'Vollstoff' single, riding a motorbike with saw blade wheels of steel cutting into the road with a rainbow shooting out to Dunnotar Castle in the background & his girlfriend on the backseat. And that was pretty much exactly the briefing I got for the cover... and here it is.



On the 'Colourblind' cover which will be released later this week we see the mosquito riding his tank through a dark world of waste & decay restoring the earth to its former beauty by shooting rainbows & musical notes from the canon. If you think that's a lot to chew on you have no idea what it was like putting this piece together... and for that I'll be doing a little breakdown process in my stories on Instagram later this week so make sure to drop in for a look see. In the meantime, here's the full cover for Stingers 'Colourblind' album which will be available on the 10th of May.




 It's been a long time waiting for me considering I completed this artwork last summer already, now just waiting to hear the album which already has great reviews. So if you're a rock fan you can order your Colourblind album and other merchandise directly from the official Stinger Rocks website at the link below.

Well that's about it until next time... if you're excited about the new Joker movie with Joaquin Pheonix as Arthur Fleck, check out my new piece in the gallery. It's also available at my Red Bubble store... & don't forget there's a sale every Monday!




Happy April fools...


I feel like I've outdone myself already with keeping up with my blog so far, even though it's only my second update... and in keeping up with my previous blog post, here's whats' news... I can now finally share my latest Malcolm Young portrait which was commissioned exclusively for the AC/DC Machine Gathering 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden which took place last weekend.


This one along with 2 other Malcolm pieces from my collection were sold as limited edition prints in a fund raiser for an Alzheimer's & Dementia Charity. The new portrait should be up in my galleries soon.





Something else to look forward to in the very near future, a new coffee table style art book of Neil Young compiled by Belgian author Herman Verbeke to be published soon, which will include some of my caricatures & portraits of the legendary musician.



The book will feature all styles of drawings, paintings, cartoons and other art from various artists around the globe and should be hot off the printing press any day now. One of my pieces featured in the new book is an old caricature of Neil Young from 2013 which you can see in my gallery, as for the other 2... you'll have to wait & see... and if you can't wait, drop by my Red Bubble store to check out the new Neil Young artwork which is available on a wide range of products and see what else is new! 

 That's all for now folks, I can guarantee some more cool news in my next blog post so stay tuned or you can always catch up with me on social media... see you there!




Greetings & salutations...


Greetings all, it's been more than a minute since I've written a blog post what with all the social media platforms to keep up with nowadays... so let this be the first of some changes to look forward to.

Speaking of changes, one of the first things you have to look forward to is the release of top classic German rock band Stingers' new album due out in May which features my artwork on the cover.


Something else to look forward to, especially if you're living in Stockholm, Sweden is the annual AC/DC Machine gathering and fundraiser for alzheimers' & dementia charity to be held on the 30th of March. 





15 limited edition prints from 3 of my Malcolm Young pieces will be up for grabs to help raise funds, 5 of each of which 1 is an exclusive commission for the event. You'll have to wait until March 30th to find out which one... but there's a sneak preview for you in the image above.





In the meantime... you can go grab yourself some stickers from my Redbubble store. If you buy any 4 small stickers you'll get 25% off... but if you buy any 10 small stickers, you'll get 50% off. Click on the Redbubble link below.




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